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Learn about growing mushrooms

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to grow mushrooms at home. Instead, they spend their money in their local supermarkets on imported mushroom species that are cheaply grown abroad. Shop varieties have a short shelf life, and mushrooms do not like being packed in plastic. By learning how to grow mushrooms yourself you will not only have mushrooms that are fresher and last longer but also have a stronger flavor. Read more now on microdosing psilocybin

Growing mushrooms yourself has another advantage. You are not limited to the varieties that you see in shops, which include button mushrooms, Shiitakes, Oysters and Portobellos. While oyster mushrooms are considered the easiest to grow, you might want to try something else that isn’t sold in shops. It is difficult to grow, but the Lions Mane has a similar taste to lobster. However, it can be very expensive from specialist retailers.

You will first need to choose a mushroom variety. You can grow edible mushrooms inside or outside. Most growers start with the oyster mushroom because it is easy to grow.

You will need to determine the growing requirements for each type of fungus. Each fungus has its own unique growing parameters. You can either use a substrate made of wood (paper, card etc.) or straw to grow the oyster mushroom. These are the most popular substrates because they produce the highest yields.

Next, you’ll need mushroom spawn. You can buy your mushroom spawn online, but most garden centers sell only complete mushroom-growing kits. The spawn is more specialized. Many websites sell spawn for only a few pounds per bag, which can provide you with a lot of mushrooms.

Pasteurizing the straw or paper product is necessary to give the oyster mushroom spawn an early start in growing. Submerge the paper/straw in hot water and keep it around 60 degrees C. This should take about an hour. Drain the substrate, allow it to cool and then load it into a transparent plastic bag. Add a handful or paper to the bag, then sprinkle the spawn over it. Continue this process until the bag has been filled. The bag should be tied with a metal tie and then holes should be pierced over it to allow air in to help the mushroom mycelium to grow. Leave the bag in a warm place for 2 weeks or until the bag is completely colonized (turns white from the growing mycelium). The ideal location is in an airing cupboard, boiler room or similar area.

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