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Root Cause Analysis of Business Firefighting with Lean Six Sigma

If you want to maximize your earning potential and explore new opportunities as a firefighter, then you need to check out the Passive income for firefighters. Researchers found significant differences when they studied novices versus veterans of firefighters who were observing the burning buildings.

* Beginners notice simple things such as fire and its location.

* The veterans saw a tale. It was obvious to them where, when and how a fire had started.

Vets performed a root-cause analysis, which is essentially determining where the fire began and how it spread.

Business Firefighting

Employees and business owners often express their frustration at the firefighting needed on a regular basis. These businesses reward those heroes that put out fires. These companies also create special departments for putting out the fires.

They look on these fires as though they were novices, and not veterans. They can see mistakes. They feel the client’s frustration. However, few people ask themselves why these mistakes happened in the first instance.

Veteran look at “fires” of corporations in the context of a narrative, to see cause and effect. Veteran’s notice the reasons and how mistakes occurred. They will ask Why?, Why?, Why!,Why?! until they have found the cause. This is followed by a question: “How can you prevent the problem from occurring again?”

Root Cause Analysis

This is a simple way to analyze root causes.

1. What is the issue?

2. Do not stop asking why.

3. You can start by identifying the actual causes.

RCA Mistakes

In root cause analysis one of the worst mistakes you can make is to place blame on:

* Non-trained persons

It’s not Enough Money

Too little time

There is no way to truly avoid a problem if the employee changes jobs. The problem can be big, but there is enough time and money to fix it.

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