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6 Things Your Puppy Needs

You have many advantages when you purchase an indoor kennel to house your new puppy. It folds down and is easy to move around the home. You can even store it in the car so that your dog can accompany you to visit family members or friends. If your schedule is too hectic, the indoor kennel will become the puppy’s private retreat. If your pup starts to worry a lot after his arrival, you can move the indoor kennel upstairs and place it in your bedroom. You can then bring it downstairs every morning. Once he is used to it, he will go back to his usual place in the morning and sleep happily.┬áIf you are looking for an amazing puppy with a ver Ified breeder you can look it up on Best Goldendoodle puppies for sale

Collar and Lead

These two pieces are essential, but they don’t have to be expensive. Your puppy will outgrow the collar very quickly. For convenience, choose a basic nylon or soft leather collar. A check or choke chain can be too harsh on puppies’ delicate necks so it is best to avoid them.


There are so many choices, but be sure to give your dog a toy that is his favorite. Be sure that your dog cannot reach slippers and shoes, which he may like as toys. If your pup is chewing something you shouldn’t, please swap it for a toy.

Food Dishes

There are plenty of quality food options and water dishes available for your pup. Start your pup with a small plate or soup bowl until he is bigger. You can purchase him an adult-sized pair of stainless steel food dishes and water dishes. These dishes are not suitable for puppies.

Dog Blanket

It is possible to buy your puppy a dog blanket. This will keep him dry and warm when he gets wet. Sometimes an old blanket that you have at your house will be enough to keep him snug. If you want to help your dog adapt to his new environment, take his blanket along to the breeders. After a while, put it in with his sister and brother. He will be able to smell his littermates and his mother, which will help him relax at night.

Dog Chews

A dog loves to chew. Giving him a chew toy is a great way to keep his attention while he’s away. There are many different types of chews, so you might want to purchase a selection to help your pup find his favorite.