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What Metal Recycling has done to the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain

Thanks to metal recycling, today’s industries will never face a shortage of valuable metals like copper, aluminum, brass, silver, gold etc. Scrap Metal Recycling helps in turning otherwise wasted materials into raw materials that fuel global manufacturing supply chains. What is catalyst recycling?

There are many companies that recycle metals. These companies recycle on average more than 81.4million tons of steel and iron, 1.8million tons of copper and 4.5million tons of aluminum each year. Scrap Metal Recycling is a global phenomenon that has supported trade, the economy and resource sustainability. The metal recycling industry is worth $65 billion and includes steel, iron, and other ferrous metals.

Metal Recycling Industry is a high-tech business that employs thousands of people to convert scrap metals into usable metals. Scrap metal recycling has the advantage of being able to recycle a particular metal multiple times without affecting its original properties. Aluminium and copper, among the many metals that can be recycled are most commonly recycled. Metals are bought and sold by scrap traders all over the world. The scrap metal is then transported to recycling plants, where it’s recycled into a new material that has similar properties. Aluminum soda cans and auto parts are frequently recycled to produce useful metals.

Scrap Metal Recycling is not only a way to grow the manufacturing industry globally, but also a means of preserving Mother Nature. Recycling converts discarded metal products to useful raw materials, which otherwise would have played a significant role in the depletion of earth’s resources. It will surprise you to learn that using recycled metals reduces CO2 emissions, and can also lower air pollution. This can help reduce land and water contamination.