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Deodorizing Carpets with Commercial Carpet Cleaners

To maintain the beauty of carpets, they must be cleaned regularly. Unclean carpets can harbor germs and odors. Commercial Steam Star Carpet Cleaning remove these. Carpets may contain molds depending on how frequently they are used and who is using them. They can also carry pet hairs, urine and food stains. Some rugs even have bedbugs or fleas.

Regardless of how clean a carpet may appear, it is important to remember that without regular cleaning, they will quickly become breeding grounds for germs and allergens. The carpets begin to emit bad smells and spread diseases, which can ruin any commercial or residential establishment.

You need to remove the grease and dirt embedded in carpet fibers and fabric, rather than simply vacuuming it. This can only be done by commercial rug cleaners. Only commercial carpet cleaners can do this.

Commercial areas with high foot traffic, and the requirement for a professional presentation make clean carpets an absolute necessity. Commercial carpet cleaners are also used at home due to their enhanced features and cleaning power.


Home-use machines are unable to reach pressures higher than 80 psi. Commercial carpet cleaners with high pressures can reach 170 psi. Industrial carpet cleaners can reach pressures of up to 500 psi. These can then be adjusted for different cleaning needs.

High Temperature

Commercial carpet cleaning machines can reach temperatures of up to 210oF. Rug cleaners without heating devices cannot heat the water. Carpet cleaning machines without heating devices can still use hot water and are used mostly for light carpet cleaning.

The heating time is also important when deciding whether to buy a carpet cleaner. The heating time shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes, or you may waste valuable working hours waiting for the water to warm up.

Test the carpet material for heat tolerance before using hot water. If you’re not sure or the carpet has been glued down or is not very dirty, only use lukewarm or cold water.

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