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Commodity Options trading on a low capital – Option trading with a small budget

The capital required to trade commodity options is far less than what most people assume. Currently, many of the top commodities trade on binary options. Other markets could require thousands of dollar of investment capital, but these binary options only require $100. If you want to learn a very powerful trading strategy that brings a lot of profit, you should know about unusual option activity scanner

Commodity Options: Examples from Binary Exchanges

Those who are considering commodity trading options will want to make sure that they can trade the major three commodities (gold silver and crude oil) on their chosen board. Since more and more investors have become aware, some traders are adding the three big commodities to their trade desks.

Investments in gold are high-risk and high-return investments

Gold option trades on the binary trading exchange pay anywhere from sixty-five to seventy percent on their investment depending on what the terms are at the execution time. A trader investing $100 at 1115am, on Wednesday morning might earn an additional 70 dollars on any contracts that expire in the black.

The Out-of-Money Options Can Still Offer Payout

Even if the contracts are not in the money at expiration, there is a strange twist: some trading desks will return a portion of your invested capital (15 percent on average). Assuming the previous $100 investment went sour, an investor might expect to be refunded $15 at contract’s expiration.