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Offshore Plastic Surgery – Where To Go and What to Know

In April of this year, 2005, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons issued a document that strongly contradicted the idea of traveling abroad to have surgery. It is easy to conclude, without proper research and analysis, that plastic surgery Seattle Facial abroad is not a good choice. ASPS may be only sharing information to help weigh risks and costs of medical travel. This is an excerpt from the background paper.

Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly popular form of tourism that’s driven by cost. All over the globe, there are a number of companies who offer vacation packages including cosmetic surgery. These can be found easily via the internet. They usually offer private hospital service and promote “highly skilled” and “credentialed’ medical staff. “Since cosmetic surgeries aren’t covered by insurance in the United States,” says one expert, “price is the most important selling point for cosmetic surgery abroad, as entire vacation/surgical package costs less than single procedures here.”

ASPS is not in favor of cosmetic surgeries being driven by price. Society members are working on a way to reduce the costs associated with medical procedures. It is their goal to come up with less invasive, lower-cost techniques. In Central America and South America as well as Asia, cosmetic surgeons can’t compete on pricing with their Asian and Central American counterparts.

ASPS is also concerned about possible risks and hazards to the general health, such as unsatisfactory or unexpected results. The Society cautions that it is sometimes difficult to judge the level of training and qualifications of surgeons working outside the United States. Unknowingly, cosmetic surgery tourists may be taking unnecessary risks when they choose unqualified doctors or non-accredited surgical centers to perform procedures.

Jeff Schult says in Beauty from Afar ” A well-prepared patient is unlikely to be in this position. But one must mentally be prepared to back out of surgery in the event that one has serious doubts.

Prior to going for plastic surgery overseas, patients should first consult their own physician. Researching extensively and getting personal feedback from others who’ve had treatment overseas is another thing to consider. Look for websites that offer the profile of your surgeon on the Internet. The majority of medical tourism companies provide their patients with a surgeon’s page that they can verify through chat, email or phone call. Search for clinics which offer high-standard surgical equipment and facilities. So, patients will be able to rest assured about the result of their surgical procedure.

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